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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to purchase a NASA Navtex engine to use this app?

Yes you do have to own a NASA Marine BT-3 Bluetooth Navtex receiver to use the app.

How do you connect the app to the Navtex engine (receiver) for the first time?

If Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone/iPad the app will automatically connect if your engine has the factory default name and it is in Bluetooth range. You will know it has connected when the "Connecting" button on the top right of the Messages screen changes to "Connected".

If it hasn't connected, click on Settings and if an engine is in range with a different name you will be offered the choice to connect to it.

Alternatively, you can click on the "Connect to engine" button and choose from the available engines displayed in the popup screen.

Does the App work on iPad?

Does the App work on iPad?

Yes it works on iPhone and iPad, portrait and landscape.

Yes it works on iPhone and iPad, portrait and landscape.

How do I know when new messages have arrived?

New messages are highlighted with a bright blue title on the Messages screen for a couple of minutes after they have been loaded from the receiver by the app.

Is the App communicating with the receiver?

The app provides informational messages in the top bar of the Messages screen. These show the current state of communication with the receiver, such as:

  • Checking for new messages

  • Loading message content

  • Messages loaded

  • Connected

Is the App failing to receive data from the Navtex unit?

One issue that has been reported is where a PIN was set by the App to the receiver unit, but the 'LOAD DATA' button wasn't pressed on the unit. The PIN will not be accepted until the button is pressed. The PIN must be set correctly, with a button press, to allow the App to receive messages.

Can I filter messages to show just National or International?

The default behaviour of the messages screen is to show both International and National messages. You can click on the Int/Nat button on the top left corner of the screen to choose to show just one of the two types.

Any other questions?

Send an email to and we'll respond.

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